Home technology services have revolutionized how households live, relax and play. From smart doorbells and thermostats to whole house audios and outdoor lighting, home automation continues to grow in popularity across the globe. Approximately 32.4% or 41.3 million households have a smart home.

Smart home control and entertainment technologies facilitate convenience and overall comfort. Most homeowners are new to the home automation sphere and end up making costly mistakes. Here are five common pitfalls that you may need to watch out for when considering home technology services.

1. Thinking You Can Do It Yourself

Most manufacturers of smart home control products often market their products as “easy-to-setup.” Homeowners trying the DIY installations then realize that watching a couple of tutorials online doesn’t cut it only when it’s too late. Proper integration and programming of the different automation products may require professional home technology services. You can minimize damage and investment in wrong products by engaging experts such as Trident Residential.

2. Focusing on Fads, Not Features

It’s easy to get carried away by the latest products introduced in the market, promising to blow your mind away. However, running after products without assessing their features or reviews can set you up for disappointment. Take time to research the different technologies that you want to have in your home. Think of the ultimate purpose of the product and how it will benefit your household. Home technology services can help set your priorities straight amidst the technological trends and fads.

3. Picking Incompatible Products

There’s arguably nothing as frustrating as investing in an expensive piece of technology and only realizing it’s incompatible with your home automation system. Home technology services can ensure that your brand choice can easily integrate with other vital components of your smart home system.

4. Disregarding Security Concerns

40.8% of smart homes have at least one device vulnerable to cyber attacks that can place the whole home in danger. Additionally, an estimated 35% of US broadband households dealt with a data security issue in the past year. Networked devices within the home may increase your risk of hacks to your home. Home technology services experts can help fortify your firewalls and encryptions to better protect your investment. Regular updates of the different software with security patches can also aid in keeping your home safe.

5. Not Having a Budget

You may need to factor in the cost of purchasing and installing the smart device products. Certain installations, such as setting up a home theater or custom audio for the home, can be pretty expensive. Without a budget, you can find yourself overspending on products that you do not need. Compare the different prices of smart devices online. You may also request multiple quotes from home technology services designers on how much it would cost to convert your home. Set a realistic dollar amount and stick to the budget set.

Smart home conversion can be an exciting yet stressful home improvement project to undertake. Avoiding the five mistakes above can set you up for a smooth and inexpensive transition. For home technology services in Raleigh, NC, contact Trident Residential Solutions.