Residential Cabling

Residential Cabling

Who are we kidding, most builders and homeowners could care less what the Coax, Data and Speaker cables in your home looks like until something isn’t performing properly. The issue, it’s often too late at that point to fix without drilling holes or cutting/repairing sheetrock. As the technology requirements in your home continue to increase, the importance of a good foundation (your cabling infrastructure) also increases. Many builders depend on their electricians to run the technology cable, its simply additional copper cable isn’t it? Not so fast, Coax, data and speaker cables have a much smaller gauge of copper then electrical wire and the performance characteristics of these cables are easily changed. Pull the cable too hard, it stretches and fails to perform up to standards. Using a staple over the cables to secure them, accidentally strike the cable while installing or install it too tight and you change the characteristics of that cable and the performance will be degraded. At Trident, we have manufacturer trained technicians installing business class cable and connectivity options as we know having a high performing network at home is just as important as the office.

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