A well-furnished home incorporates different design elements such as lighting, furniture, and color, which contribute to the overall ambiance of the house. However, most homeowners and interior designers forget one key feature around the home: sound. The basic built-in speaker set may not cut it when streaming the latest movies or listening to your favorite music.

Most households turn towards soundbars, which are convenient and offer a slightly better sound experience than the basic speaker set. To provide the ultimate cinematic experience, homeowners may have to invest in a quality home theater system.

Setting up a home theater system allows you to build the perfect sound experience for your home. The market is flooded with huge variations in size and quality available at home theater stores. Navigating through the different options can be overwhelming. Here are five amazing tips to guide you in figuring out the best home theater installation for your family.

1. Room Size and Design

The size, style, and design preferences for your home theater room may significantly affect the speakers, receivers, and TV screen. The dimensions of the room and the components therein affect sound reflection off different surfaces, influencing the acoustics. As such, you may need to measure up the floor space in the room and determine the design elements to add before heading out to the home theater shop.

2. Power

The total power output of the amplifier or AV receiver is usually in watts. You may need to find an AV receiver that is powerful enough to provide optimum performance. The tech staff at the home theater shop can help you determine the power delivered to every channel. You may also need to consider impedance rating, representing how difficult it is to power the speakers. Most speakers have a 4-, 6- or 8-ohms rating.

3. Quality TV and Speakers

If you do not already have a TV to build your home theater set up around, you’ll need one. Today’s smart TVs with 4K and 8K resolutions and HDR color gamuts are excellent picks for your home theater. Additionally, you may need to find quality speakers that define your sound experience. You may need to understand the industry jargon involving the systemic naming of audio channels. Do you wish to have free-standing, floor speakers or smaller, wall-mounted alternatives? You can check out the various brands within the home theater shop before picking out your preferred unit.

4. Connectivity Options

Technology advancement within the home theater space continues to revolutionize the connectivity options available. Ethernet connectivity on your A/V receiver allows you to stream movies, music, and videos from your home network. Wired connections may use HDMI cabling with 4K upscaling. Getting a surround system from the home theater shop allows for better audio processing, with a more immersive sound experience.

5. Budget

A major concern for homeowners is the budget required to set up a complete home theater system within their home. Shopping around for a home theater store can help you find unit components at affordable pricing.

Purchasing the right home theater system is key to changing the audio-visual experience within your home. If you need help setting up your home theater, contact Trident Residential Solutions today.