In today’s age of ubiquitous data and device connectivity, you may only need a smartphone and a music app to get the party started. However, an audiophile’s ear can clearly distinguish between basic built-in speakers and a premium, custom audio sound system. Having a dedicated home theater system can enrich the experience while watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.

There are countless variations to custom audio installation, from high-end home theaters to affordable soundbar options that can fit in your spare guest bedroom. A key factor to consider when picking out your home theater setup is the speakers.

Speakers have a profound influence over the audio quality and the A/V receiver to use. Bigger speakers require more power, while more speakers require more channels on your amplifier. Here are a few questions to help you choose the right speakers for your custom audio sound system.

1. How Do the Speakers Match Your Room?

You may need to work on your room acoustics. Your home theater arrangement and the components within the room will affect the reflection of sound produced by the speakers. How big is the room that you wish to have your custom audio sound system? Floor standing speakers are ideal for large, open rooms, while on-wall or in-wall speakers are excellent for smaller rooms.

2. Where Do the Speakers Sound Best?

You may need to figure out where exactly to place the speakers, as well as the directions that they face. Compact speakers provide an unobtrusive placement option. Large acoustic chambers deliver powerful sound effects from the floor, providing surround effects for movies and video games. Ceiling speakers provide an immersive experience.

3. What Roles Does Each Speaker Play in Your Custom Audio Sound?

You may need to learn some technical jargon relating to channels and the different speakers. The center channel provides dialogue and soundtracks, making it a vital point for sound effects in your home theater set up. The front left and right speakers provide a wide soundstage, with a bulk of special effects going through them.

The real speakers in a surround system provide a more ambient audio experience with a full gamut of sound effects. Your home theater shop can guide you on the various roles of the different speakers to a custom audio sound system.

4. Wired Vs. Wireless?

Another key factor to keep in mind is connectivity. Bluetooth and ethernet connectivity provides for a wireless connection to all the speakers within the home. However, some audiophiles still prefer wired units for their speakers. Ensures that the wires are shorter for better voice quality. Standard wires may not explore the full potential of your custom audio sound system. Invest in premium wiring, paying close attention to its thickness.

5. Do You Need a Stealth Custom Audio Sound?

If you wish to have a low-footprint surround system, consider having in-wall, in-ceiling, or on-wall speakers.

Time to Upgrade Your Audio System

Finding the right speakers for your home theater is critical to enhancing your home entertainment setup. It also helps you enhance your sound experience. For more information on the different types and roles of the speakers, reach out to Trident Residential Solutions.