More homeowners are now thinking about home automation and smart living as they complete upgrades and remodeling projects. It’s a process that integrates IoT with daily living, interconnecting all of your appliances, lighting, surround system, HVAC units, and other essential systems. According to Ambient, the U.S. has the largest number of smart homes worldwide, representing 32.4% of all residential properties.

With a multitude of firms and installation experts offering home automation services, it may be challenging to pick out the right system for you. Here are five tips to help you find the right smart home control unit.

1. Think About Functionality

A home automation system allows you to control the various appliances within your home remotely. The ideal smart home will have devices that are easy to use, save on energy costs, and improve security. Determine what you wish to achieve with the home automation installations and pick the right fit. Is an outdoor lighting and surround system important to you? Do you need support for a home entertainment setup in your home? Ensure that the home automation and security system will fit your current and future lifestyle.

2. Consider Compatibility

With multiple devices in the home needing internet connectivity, you may need to figure out how to integrate them all under one control unit. You may need to assess the system compatibility with the growing connectivity technology, including Z-wave, Bluetooth, broadband, ZigBee. Most home automation systems with support lighting, thermostats, door locks, environmental sensors, and security installations. You may need to confirm the unit’s ability to connect to auxiliary devices such as home sprinkler systems, garage door openers, and window coverings.

3. Factor in Customization Needs

As you carry out your extensive renovation project, you probably have a vision for your smart home. Besides pre-made units, you can also pick customized home automation services. You can choose custom audio installations, unique outdoor lighting, and tailored networking installations that fit the specific needs of you and your family. Talk to your installation experts to find smart home solutions that go beyond the standard models.

4. Ask About Installation Requirements

Another key consideration when picking out your system is the complexity during installation. Some companies offer only a smart app to which you can link all devices. However, for hard wiring and cable internet installation, you may need to find competent installers. Check out the portfolio of your preferred company. Read through the different reviews and testimonials by past clients before making a decision.

5. Weigh Pricing and Fees

You may need to factor in your budget for your home automation project. Some projects such as ethernet cable installation and home theater setup may be capital intensive. Check out the different prices for various smart home control systems online. You can also request multiple quotes from different vendors to get a clue of how much to set aside for your home conversion.

Home automation can add convenience and comfort to your daily living while saving you money and time. There’s arguably no best answer for the right solution to your home. Weigh out your options before making the right investment decision for your home. For more information on how our home automation solutions can improve your property, contact Trident Residential Solutions today.