Most people have a hard time picking the ideal audio video solution for their home or business. The advent of new audio and video technologies each year further complicates this situation. New audio technologies include immersive 3D audio, acoustic surface audio, and noise cancellation. The latest video technologies now offer facial recognition, augmented reality, and more.

Fortunately, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed when picking out an audio video solution for your needs. This article will provide you with what you need to know to make the right choice.

Commercial Audio Visual Systems

The modern workplace no longer confines employees to row upon row of cluttered stuffy cubicles. Employers have accepted that employees need to work in a non-restrictive environment to do their best work. To this end, offices are now moving towards open-plan arrangements that feature relaxing color themes meant to boost employee productivity.

This modern revolution has also made telecommuting possible. Today, over 50% of global employees work outside the office most of the time. As an employer, employee satisfaction plays a significant role in your choice of an audio video solution.

To find a reliable audio visual system, you need to invest in services from a reliable audio video solution provider. These solutions include video conferencing systems, visitor lounge systems, multi-room audio systems, and corporate lounge entertainment system. Some audio visual systems offer extra functionality, including digital signage and end-user interaction. The next section looks at the critical attributes of a commercial audio video solution.

Attributes of a Commercial Audio Visual System

Centralized control is the most critical aspect of the solution you put in place for your business. Multi-room systems require a central location from which you can adjust audio and video output. In most cases, this implementation involves the allocation of a separate audio visual room. Additionally, your commercial system should have multi-media capability. This requirement is especially essential for video conferencing setups. Such a configuration has to be compatible with mainstream video and audio formats, including WEBM, MPEG, AVI, WAV, MP4, JPEG, TIFF, and WAM.

Your audio visual setup also needs to integrate into the workplace environment seamlessly. Adequate concealment of all system wiring and modules ensures your system is well integrated. Nothing other than the screens and speakers should be visible to workers and visitors to your business. Feedback functionality in your system allows you to receive customer feedback. In this scenario, visitors and workers can use the system to make inquiries, post complaints, and more.

Home Audio Visual Setups

Audio visual solutions aren’t just for businesses: in fact, the ideal audio video solution for a home entertainment system should be user-friendly. As with commercial implementations, home audio solutions need an integrated central control. Your audio visual setup should feature remote control functionality. In most home implementations, a single remote avails total control of all video and audio output on devices making up the system. You can enhance video and audio control by incorporating wall-mounted control panels in crucial rooms in your home. You can even opt for audio visual products that allow integrated control from your smartphone.

Another critical need for home audio solutions is multi-media capability, using the aforementioned media formats. Other desirable attributes of your home system include multi-screen viewing and lighting control. Multi-screen viewing capability allows you to have multiple screens in critical areas of your home. It should be possible to have different content playing on each screen. Lighting control enables you to achieve optimal lighting for movies, gaming, and other users in the home.

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