The right home entertainment system isn’t just welcoming. It also allows your loved ones to fully enjoy their favorite media with minimal distractions and frustrations.

For homeowners who have never before had a home theater, creating the ultimate home entertainment setup may seem daunting. We’re sharing some top tips to help you get started.

Pick the Right Space

It’s easy to focus solely on a movie in a theater because the construction controls both ambient light and sound, allowing only light and sound installed specifically for the experience. This is why basements are an excellent choice for a home theater. As long as moisture is properly controlled in the space, this may be your best bet. However, sound and light proofing other rooms can allow you to transform other spaces into home theaters. If ambient light cannot be eliminated completely, a projector with a high lumens rating can counter the effect.

Add the Right Lighting

Adding the right light is just as crucial to a killer home entertainment center. Lights that gradually dim provide an authentic theater experience, while rope lights ensure that guests can safely exit the room for a bathroom break or snack if necessary. Installing as many lights behind the seating as possible adds to the home theater experience.

Get Pitch-Perfect Audio

Homeowners should test and calibrate the audio of their home entertainment setup. Quality speakers and subwoofers dramatically improve the experience, as does the content’s source. To achieve a 5.1 surround system, the setup requires five speakers and a subwoofer. Prioritize audio quality when designing your home entertainment setup, as this can potentially make or break your experience.

Add Comfortable Seating

Seating is just as important as the audio and visual experience. Every person in the home theater should be able to properly view the screen in a comfortable position. Tiered seating, just like in commercial theaters, is the ultimate luxury in a home entertainment setup. It isn’t difficult to accomplish, either. Of course, even if you don’t have a lot of chairs, you’ll want to ensure these cushioned seats provide comfort and luxury.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

Less is more when it comes to home theaters. Movie posts may fit the theme, but they can easily become distractions. In addition, the frames can cause unwanted glare. Minimizing reflective surfaces, including choosing matte paint and installing carpeting or thick curtains, is key for a distraction-free home movie experience. Finishing touches such as hiding cords behind curtains or lighting fixtures give home theaters a professional atmosphere while reducing trip hazards. Homeowners can also consolidate controls to avoid frustration and use their A/V setup as a content source in other areas of the home. Finally, modern innovations such as smart doorbells minimize the need to pause a movie mid-showing.

When developing a home entertainment setup, these tips can ensure you take care of all the priorities. To learn more about the home theater installation services we provide, please contact us today.