There are many ways to improve your home’s security, including outdoor lighting. In a nutshell, the right kind of outdoor lighting helps to deter trespassers and intruders. It also offers peace of mind, since you’ll feel more secure and better able to see what’s happening in your surrounding environment. Here’s everything you need to know about improving home security using outdoor lights.

Outdoor Lights Provide Essential Illumination

Proper outdoor lighting is designed to minimize the chances of a crime happening in your home. This is important, considering that in the United States, a property crime happens every 1.4 seconds. The trick with choosing the right lights is to determine what sort of lights go well with your home environment.

For instance, you may need floodlights, landscape luminary lights, step lights, or other types of outdoor lighting. Be sure to consult with an outdoor lighting expert to ensure you’re choosing the right lights. Also, remember, when it comes to outdoor lighting, more is not always good. In other words, there’s such a thing as over illuminating your home.

This can end up making your home a target since it draws unwanted attention and gives intruders the lay of the land and information about where your valuables are located.

Some Outdoor Lighting Options Offer Extra Security Features

In most cases, it’s better to also purchase lighting that comes with smart or motion-sensor functions. With smart lights, you’ll be able to control settings remotely using any smart electronic device, such as your laptop and phone.

In the same vein, motion sensors help to identify any movement close to your light source. Ideally, you want a motion sensor with enough range to maximize security. One other feature you can also add to improve your home’s security through outdoor lighting is by adding a timer. The timer ensures that your outdoor lighting will switch on and off at preset times.

Outdoor Lights Can Be Placed in Strategic Positions

Outdoor lights are perfect as a home’s security feature because they’re portable and small enough to be placed in strategic places around your home. This helps to minimize hiding spots, especially if you place your lights in key areas, such as along the driveway or near shadowy places where there’s landscaping like trees and bushes.

Now that you know all about the importance of outdoor lighting to your home’s security, you should start looking into investing in some quality outdoor lights.