The internet and Wi-Fi have arguably become synonymous, with some using the terms interchangeably. It makes sense, as most of your mobile and IoT devices are only Wi-Fi capable. However, you may have to contend with lower speeds and spotty connectivity issues for your home if you rely solely on wireless internet.

With almost everything moving online today, it’s becoming increasingly essential to have a reliable internet connection. Lags on your Zoom meeting calls or during movie streaming can be frustrating. You may have tried all Wi-Fi-enhancing tricks with no success. Fortunately, there is a solid solution to improving your home network: residential ethernet cable installation services.

Ethernet or data cabling is a network installation option that involves wiring your home for connection. Ethernet cables are more reliable and can transmit data faster than Wi-Fi. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “why should I pick residential ethernet cable installation services near me,” here are just five benefits.

1. More Reliable Connection

One downfall of Wi-Fi connectivity is that it may not cover your entire home. If the broadband router is in your living room downstairs, certain areas on the first or second floor will receive only a weak signal.

With foil insulation becoming a common feature in modern construction, even the smallest of houses may suffer from Wi-Fi dead zones. Ethernet cables restrict the data to the copper wiring, reducing the risk of interfering signals. You can enjoy a more reliable connection throughout the home.

2. Improve Internet Speeds

In most instances, wired cabling will be faster than a Wi-Fi internet installation. With ethernet cables, you may not have to worry about interfering signals or weak connectivity that can reduce your broadband speeds.

Data shows that the fastest ethernet speeds today achieve 10 Gigabits or higher, while Wi-Fi connection theoretically maxes out at 6.9 Gigabits. Actual speeds are much slower, often less than 1 Gbs. While 10Gbs is an overkill within a home environment, reducing the weak signals in your home through residential ethernet cable installation services can help boost your internet speeds. This is a must, whether you’re working from home or trying to relax by playing a game or TV show.

3. Enjoy Greater Security

Ethernet cable installation can add some layers of security to your home network. Provided you do not broadcast the network, anyone wanting to access your Local Area Network (LAN) may have to be physically connected to the cable. With wireless networks, the Wi-Fi signal may be broadcasted outside your home, leaving it open to potential hackers.

4. Improve Your Wi-Fi Range

Wi-Fi extenders and repeaters can be a long shot to solving the issue of connectivity blackspots in your home. Residential ethernet cable installation services can be a perfect solution to improve your home network. You can use the cables to connect a wireless access point to your primary router to increase your Wi-Fi range. You can also use your ethernet ports to add new Wi-Fi routers in spaces that receive weak signals from the main one — for example, in your outdoor shed.

5. Greater Versatility

Ethernet cabling has other uses besides sending internet signals across your home. Home structured cabling can be important for smart home control through interconnecting your video systems, home security devices, HDMI distribution systems, telephone sockets, and much more.

Residential ethernet cable installation services can help you get fast, reliable, and safer internet connectivity for your home. Have you tried everything else to improve your wireless home network without any improvement? Call Trident Residential for a permanent solution for your internet connectivity woes.