What is a best-in-class Network?

This answer differs depending on your organization’s size and type of business but the basics are the same. You need a structured cabling and fiber optic plan that is reliable and has the capacity to handle faster speeds.

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You should have a wireless that can handle an increased number of connection providing signal, strength, and speed needed when not using a wired connection. We provide network switches that are reliable, scalable and fully able to handle the data your organization sends across the network. Finally, you need a firewall that can keep your network safe from outside intruders. All of these components must work in conjunction to provide a best-in-class network. Trident, “Your Technology Professionals” has a unique knowledge and expertise in all four areas to ensure your organization toward a best-in-class network.

What are the driving factors?

At the start of 1995, when IP networking technology was being deployed, there were 16 million users on the internet, 2700 websites, and the concept of e-commerce had yet to emerge. Back then, you couldn’t connect your mobile device to the internet, smart phones weren’t even around yet and most internet connections were via dial-up from a desktop computer.

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Today, 3 billion people access the internet using 20 billion Wi-Fi-enabled devices. In order to accommodate this demand, internet connections have advanced from 56K dial up to gigabit fiber to your house. With this advancement, everyone and everything is moving to the cloud.

How does this effect you?

Was your wireless network designed based on the number of individual employees, students or visitors at your location? In most cases, it probably was. In past years, this may have been sufficient, however in this day and age, the average person in the US carries multiple WI-FI enabled devices including phones, tablets, laptops etc.

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Your wireless network originally designed for 100 users is now processing 200-300 devices, creating performance issues for everyone.
When was the last time you upgraded your network? In recent years, more and more bandwidth intensive applications are moving to your IP network which include Voice over IP, HD video, surveillance video, access control and mobile applications. The increased productivity of IP based applications are replaced with frustrations caused by slow response.

The Answer?

Trident has partnered with Ruckus and Brocade to provide a solution designed to meet today’s demanding network requirements. Ruckus Wireless is focused on technology innovation, partner ecosystems and customer service—yielding the best possible wireless experience for the most challenging indoor and outdoor environments.

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Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi platform delivers scalable, high-performance Wi-Fi with simplified control and management for on premise and cloud-based Wi-Fi deployments, along with new services for secure onboarding, policy management, location services and analytics that enable new business opportunities. The Brocade® ICX® product family offers a complete set of products designed to work together to deliver a scalable, high-performance network solution critical to ensuring high user productivity with HD video, unified communications, VDI, and mobile applications. The innovative Brocade Campus Fabric technology provides simplified network deployment and management, scale-out networking, and investment protection at the lowest TCO in the industry. With the Brocade ICX Switches and Ruckus wireless APs, Brocade delivers the highest-performing and cost-effective wired and wireless access solutions on the market today.

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